Our Team & Building…
Richelle Lynee’ Walker Visionary & Founder
Richelle offers spiritual and emotional coaching, hands on foot-care, scalp massage and guided meditation classes. Healthy living is an all-inclusive adventure that she has been pursuing most of her life. Richelle’s passion for emotional and spiritual healing has been her heartbeat from a very young age. Helping people find the keys to true health and freedom is her greatest delight. As the spearhead of a non-profit for single parents she connected families with the tools and resources to thrive through conferences, a newsletter and as a guest speaker. She has of over 30 years in the beauty/spa industry and twenty-five plus in ministry, leadership, and prayer healing. This unique gift set qualifies Richelle to carry this vision to fruition as well as to offer a variety of services in the Joy Centers. As a Washington state native, she is enthusiastic to serve our community, while helping increase the momentum of this world wide healing movement, here in the Pacific NW.
Amethyst Pishue Medicinal Tea Bar Manager
Starting from the roots, since early childhood Amethyst has had a deep passion for plants. She has studied herbs and supplements for over 15 years. In addition to being both a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children (foraging family of 5), she is constantly continuing her education as an Herbalist/Wildcrafter. Amethyst is very much an activist for holistic healing. With an over nine year journey of seeking healing for her oldest daughter Farah (who has dealt with many mountains of nutritional restrictions/deficiencies), Amethyst has also developed a bittersweet relationship with western medicine out of necessity as well. Amethyst offers a wealth of wisdom and true compassion for both physical and emotional healing. Her broad perspective and authentic personality is a compatible match as our medicinal tea bar manager.
Julie Haynes, LMP

Julie began her massage career in 1985 by attending the first certified school of massage in Alaska.  As a child Julie considered becoming a Physical Therapist when she grew up. After attending her first massage training experience, Julie felt very much at home and pursued a career in massage.  Upon leaving Alaska and returning to her home state of Washington, Julie continued her massage training at the Seattle Massage School and graduated in 1994 with honors. Julie has practiced massage in Washington state for many years and has a very successful practice in Snohomish County.  Julie has continued her massage education by taking continuing education classes in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Myofascial Release, Cupping Massage, Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage, injury treatment and basic Swedish massage.

Julie has Masters and Advanced RET Rapid Eye Technology an gentle yet effective tool for emotional recovery, PTSD, removing road blocks to create space for prosperous living  (For questions about this energy healing method, go to www.rapideyetechnology.com)

Julie has developed an imaginative, innovative approach to whole-body healing using several modalities that integrate bodywork with spiritual and meditative elements.  Julie is passionate about listening to the needs of the client and uses massage, emotional/stress release techniques (>Rapid Eye Technology), Flower Essences and aromatherapy to help facilitate healing.


As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself and achieve optimal health – it just needs support. As an NTP, my primary focus is to give the body the support it needs to restore balance and optimal function. Nutritional therapy uses a holistic approach to health by addressing the root cause of symptoms instead of covering them up. Using various functional assessments, we can evaluate different nutritional needs and imbalances throughout the body and support these with real food nutrition, targeted supplementation, and lifestyle changes. My goal is to empower and inspire you to make food and lifestyle adjustments that support your body so that you can achieve your own sustainable version of optimal health and vibrancy. I hope to create an environment where my clients feel seen and heard. I hope to educate and empower people to nourish their bodies and cultivate healthy lifestyle practices. I hope to help those struggling to find answers to their health issues get to the root cause of their symptoms and support their body’s innate ability to heal. And I genuinely believe this is possible for everyone willing to do the work. Optimal health is not a destination, it is a practice and I look forward to helping you on that path!



Board Members
Robert G. Wright
Robert is the founder and Director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute, a 9+ year old organization that educates people world-wide regarding the real truth about cancer. Wright is the author of, Killing Cancer Not People.  Mr. Wright’s University teaching degree and multiple “study and hands-on degrees” in cancerology, nutrition, disease and wellness are well-known and respected in the anti-cancer community. Wright founded the AACI as the Educational presence for the proposed American Anti-Cancer Center: a 100-acre, cancer-healing complex.  As such, the Institute has come to spearhead the “alternative anti-cancer movement” that’s destined to change the cancer paradigm well into the next two decades.  The Center is the brainchild of the former entrepreneur and Washington state native, designed to reflect the “voice of the people” in desiring a clear healthcare departure from conventional cancer care


Cheney McGowan
Cheney has called snohomish home for the past 18 years. She has been very active in local school leadership and volunteering in the community. She had a private practice in massage for several years before staying home with her 2 young children. Although she stepped back from providing massage, health and well-being are very close to her heart. Her passion is to live fully in body, mind and spirit and help others grow into freedom and hope through health and wholeness. She will be pursuing her massage practice again and hopes to contribute to the Joy Centers through massage therapy. One of her favorite quotes is: “May you live every day of your life.” -Swift

Doris Muller
After Receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing from Montana State University, I became passionate about natural methodologies for healing of body, soul and spirit. I believe that food is medicine and love he natural remedies available to bring about and maintain optimal health. As a volunteer nurse in Africa, it became visibly evident that there are many, many effective natural methods for health and healing.