It’s that time of year! Gear up for cold and flu season!

Fresh Local Elderberry Syrup from Amethyst Apothecary has arrived 

*EXTRA Bundle BONUS SAVE $5-$10 off all the Foot Bar services

 *Must book your appointment at time of  purchasing Elderberry Syrup during September for savings!

Fresh Elderberry Organic Gylcerite is processing and  will be ready in just 3 weeks! So, for those of you out of the area or those of you wanting to send Elderberry to family out of the area… Elderberry Gylcerite is the way to go. It’s shelf stable, meaning it does not have to be refrigerated, it’s nice and concentrated so therefore less is more (like a tincture). The price on the 4oz bottles is $20 ea but with the pre-order discount of 15% off they are only $17 for a 4oz tincture! Very small batch on these, so limited supply.  (Prepay in the month of Sept for Foot Bar Bundle Offer)

A Little More InfoThese elderberries were picked the end of August, processed and frozen that same day. Then made into syrup within a few days! Never dried, free of pesticides, sustainably harvested by my little family here in the PNW and carefully made into delicious elderberry syrup with local raw honey and alkaline water. The freshest! Keep refrigerated and enjoy for up to up to 2 months. Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Be well! 

Amethyst Apothecary