Amenities Glossary

Relax in the gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat while receiving an invigorating deep-tissue sweat. Our Healthmate, low EMF, full spectrum sauna accommodates up to 4 guests comfortably, although 1 or 2 is optimal. A 30 minute sauna session includes chromotherapy, healing frequency music and an infusion of essential oils for a maximized immersion in frequency healing. After rinse off in our beautiful natural stone shower.
Some benefits include:
Detox, Cell Health, Muscle Recovery, Strengthen the Immune System, Speed up Wound Healing, Anti-aging, Improve Circulation, Lower Blood Pressure, Pain Relief, Weight Loss


 An electrically charged array floods the detox bath with negative ions that are then absorbed by approximately 2000 pores in the bottom of the feet. The high concentration of negatively charged ions go on mission within the body to grab onto the positively charged toxins encouraging their elimination through the many large sweat glands in the feet, sweat,  urine and bowel elimination for up to 48 hours after an Ionic Foot Detox bath.  The changing colors in the water may be an indication of chemicals releasing from the body reacting with the array and chemistry of the water, although this can be fascinating and somewhat revealing it is not the full story. Negative ions generate positive results.  Whether they are breathed in from a nearby waterfall or the ocean, through an electric ion generator or absorbed during an ionic foot detox; negative ions work to inhibit oxidation of free radicals; reduce heavy metals, viruses, and other harmful elements; and balance the mind and body.

Ionic Foot Detoxes have been used to enhance the immune system, assist in detoxification and can be especially effective when coupled together with Microcirculation and Infrared Sauna. See our Detox Trifecta package.  After an Ionic Foot Detox our guests have reported pain relief, improved sleep, increased energy, mental clarity and feeling “lighter”.  Call today to schedule your personal detox experience.

Increasing circulation at a microcapillary level. Right in the palm of our hand is the microcapillary bundle that leads to every organ and system in our body. The hand is placed in a warmed chamber with a vacuum seal of negative pressure inducing a low grade fever warming the blood causing it to move faster through the body thereby flooding the body with oxygen, assisting in removing toxins, improving nutrition absorption and total body relaxation.  FDA APPROVED pain relief originally designed for migraine relief. Benefits also include: increased oxygen to the brain and all of the organs, improved circulation at a microcapillary level, strengthening the immune system, increased lymphatic flow, decreased inflammation, gentle, yet powerful detox at the deepest level, improved sleep, overall relaxation and so much more. Testimonies include help with complications related to diabetes, traumatic brain injury, arthritis and chronic pain.

Terahertz resonates at the same frequency as normal human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second. The Terahertz device is a non-invasive, safe and natural way to help improve your health and wellbeing. It works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing processes to help reduce inflammation, improve circulation and promote relaxation. The Terahertz device can quickly penetrate 20-30 cm (that’s almost a foot deepunder the skin, softening hard muscles and knots and even reaching right to the bones and bone marrow activating stem cell production. 


  • Reduce Pain
  • Relaxation
  • Detox
  • Microcirculation
  • Increase blood flow
  • Improve Lymphatic Function
  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Restore Damaged Cells
  • Removes Diseased Cells
  • Activates Production of Stem Cells in Bone Marrow
  • Increase Energy at a Cellular Level
  • Improve Sleep
  • Improve Libido
  • Improve Prostate Health
  • Anti-aging
  • Expel Excess Unhealthy Fluids

Color Therapy, including infrared and 660 nm Red LEDs, have been extensively studied for over 30 years, are approved by the FDA and are used in conventional and integrated medicine. Both infrared and red LED has been scientifically proven to effectively accelerate healing, help restore DNA and boost the immune system.

The visible light spectrum, colors, contains unique wavelengths that generate electrical impulses. The full color spectrum influences emotional and physical healing and can be received through lights, a colorful diet, our clothes and in nature. When combined with a light source, color can assist with emotional healing and when selectively applied, enhance the healing of impaired organs. Chromotherapy is available for specific treatments as an full service with sound therapy and aromatherapy, as an add on with Microcirculation, Emotional Healing or other services. It can always be enjoyed as part of an infrared sauna session.



Emotional issues are often the root cause of disease, dysfunction and pain. Muscle testing is where we start with Emotion Code Fusion to help identify trapped emotions in the body that may be contributing to pain or behavior.  From there all the tools from over 20 years of training are available to help set people free from years of trauma, dysfunction and destructive beliefs. An Emotion Code Fusion is a quick, easy and powerful session to assist in relieving physical and emotional pain,  breaking habits, changing behavioral and social issues, helping realize your dreams.

“Muscle Testing”: It isn’t mysterious it is an innate gift that our bodies communicate without words protecting us from a very young age.  Our bodies communicate with us every day of our lives.  When we come into a room that feels good our body will lean in or feel strong, if something is “off” about someone our body will pull back or become weak. As a result of understanding this simple form of communication chiropractors began using methods to find areas of the body that were weak in order to assist in adjustments. Most of us know this method as muscle testing. Emotion Code was developed by Dr. Bradly Nelson over 20 years ago after finding that many of his patients having a difficult time holding their adjustments were also in a lot of emotional distress.


Come hang out at our beautifully hand-crafted bar, and experience the incredible healing properties of nature and alkaline water. Our herbs are sustainably harvested, organic, and locally sourced whenever possible. We remain true to the highest possible standards in all of our products. Extensive research shows a link between acidic pH and many degenerative diseases. Alkaline water is one way to help restore healthy pH levels in the body. Nature provides some of our most effective medicine available, this potent duo is sure to awaken your cells. Amethyst, our house herbalist, has a rich background of knowledge and expertise and is available for personal Herbal Consults. Take home a personally formulated tea or tincture to assist in your specific healing needs or try one of Amethyst’s uniquely crafted blends.  All loose-leaf teas, herbs, tinctures and elixirs available for purchase. 

A Sampling of Amethyst’s Tea Blends:
Tranquili-Tea: Chamomile, Lavender,  Holy Basil, Catnip, Oat straw, Skullcap, Hawthorn leaf & flower. *Served with Lemon Balm tincture.

Breathe:  Mullein, Peppermint, Hyssop, Nettle, Chickweed, Elder Flower *Served with Clear Lungs Elixer

R-Fav: Holy Basil, Peppermint, Licorice Root, Lemongrass

Hoppy Heart: Holy Basil, Hops, Hawthorn, Rose hips,  Hibiscus

Happy Belly: Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Yarrow, Lemon Grass, Fennel.

Active Awakening (Brain): Guayusa, Ginko leaf, Gotu Kola, Peppermint, Stevia leaf. *Served with Gotu Kola tincture.

Kidney Care: Marshmallow Root, Uva Ursi, Nettle, Chickweed, Juniper Berry *Served with Kidney & Urinary Tonic

Sauna Biohack Tea: Cilantro, Turmeric, Chlorella, Lemongrass, Ginger, Cinnamon. *Bio-hack the detox process with a sauna session, microcirculation or ionic foot detox.

Joy Centers prayer rooms are a safe place to receive prayer, encouragement and to build up your faith.  Appointments available as a community service to pray for physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  Our Healing Rooms are staffed by volunteers who believe in the power of agreement in prayer. Please call to schedule private appointments, times vary. We have staff members available by appointment for deeper emotional and spiritual healing services.


We offer Nutritional Support using a holistic approach to health by addressing the root cause of symptoms and correcting any imbalances through diet and lifestyle adjustments. The body has an innate ability to heal itself and the building blocks for this is a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods diet.

Giving the body the support it needs to restore balance and optimal function is our goal at Joy Centers Healing Association. Using various functional assessments, we can help evaluate different nutritional needs and imbalances throughout the body and help you support these with real food nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes. The goal is to empower and inspire you to make food and lifestyle adjustments that support your body so that you can achieve your own version of optimal health and vibrancy.


PEMF & Brainwave Entrainment  from Swissbionic Solutions iMRS prime PEMF.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is the use of low-intensity, low-frequency electromagnetic fields to restore cells to their proper function. Pulses of this electromagnetic energy are emitted in various wavelengths, frequencies, and intensities to heal the body. The profound beneficial effects in human physiology through PEMF`s are initiated through improved inter- and intracellular communication and interaction.  iMRS prime only using frequencies that are naturally found in nature and in perfect harmony with health and well-being; the band width of electromagnetic frequencies that are scientifically proven.

  • Medically certified PEMF equipment for clinical use.
  • 6 built-in, rock-solid copper coils, divided in three pairs with different amount of windings to control the applied field intensity over the entire surface.
  • Triple Sawtooth waveform for highest efficiency of low-pulsed PEMF.
  • The Exagon Brain is a device, that combines rhythmic sound and light stimuli in harmony with the biological organ clock to achieve the best possible Brainwave Entrainment.

PEMF Benefits include:

  • Energize cells to perform more robustly
  • Maximize all body systems at a cellular level.
  • Pain Relief
  • Accelerated healing and restoration
  • Improve Circulation
  • Detoxification
  • Greater intake of oxygen
  • Increased nutritional absorption

TRUE RIFE Identifies specific frequencies in the human body that may identify a variety of imbalances, parasites, pathogens, bacteria, organs that need extra support and more.  Frequency technology has been evolving for over 20 years.  At this point there is a commonly shared database of more than 120,000 different frequencies.  Every cell and organ in the body have their own distinctive Vibrational Frequency or Oscillation.  When these oscillations are disrupted, whether by injury, diet, stress or emotion, it results in a disruption of that biological function. Which when not addressed, can bring about fatigue, depression, illness, disease and even death. Over the past 20 years, more than 120,000 of these Vibrational Frequencies have been isolated, identified and cataloged. Knowing what the optimum oscillation or frequencies of these cells and organs are, can assist in determining the root cause of an individual’s health status when these frequencies are compared to the individual scanned results. Healthy human tissues and organs vibrate at the same or nearly the same frequencies in every person. Applying the healthy frequencies to any given organ will help strengthen and support the organ so that it can restore.

Understanding Frequency: Frequency is invisible waves of energy that carry vibration. Everything inside and outside of our body has vibration resonating at different frequencies. A healthy body resonates in harmonious vibrations. Depression, stress, processed foods and exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) from electronics and wireless devices create low and imbalanced frequencies. They cause a disruption to the natural flow of the body’s energy, compromising the immune system and creating a breeding ground for infection and disease. The more we immerse ourselves in healthy frequencies our body, mind and spirit will naturally return to a resonant, vibrant state.

Every organ and system in our body is vibrating to a sound; together when in a perfect state of health they are a beautiful harmonious symphony. When an area is imbalanced or sick reintroducing healthy vibrations can help entrain it back into health. Frequency healing comes in many forms including infrared sauna, chromotherapy, Rife frequencies as well as various musical tones or sounds.  Singing, humming, soothing instrumental music, singing bowls and tuning forks are all gentle ways to encourage the body to a state of rest and restore.  These natural vibrations; compatible with our innate tones, can help tune the body back to a healthy resonant state so that the body can repair itself.  Whether coming from your own body or an instrument Sound Healing responds to the water in our cells and creates waves, relaxing the mind, stimulating blood flow, lymphatic flow, activating the Vagus Nerve, stimulating nitric acid and so much more. Sound is intentionally incorporated into our environment and specifically added to many of our services and classes for a full expression of healing.