Why Joy Centers Healing Association?

We are a ministry serving the greater good of humanity for lasting hope, health and vibrant joy mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Departmentalized healthcare will never truly restore a person. Cohesive full spectrum healing addressing spiritual, emotional and social needs  are vitally important to our overall health. Healing does not have to be clinical or burdensome.

We are building a community of family and friends who want to go the distance and live an abundant life.  We are all healing together.  Joy Centers Healing Association is a sanctuary of tranquility and joy that offers a place for you to join us on your healing journey. Emotional and spiritual healing is a cornerstone of what we offer in combination with massage, frequency healing, light therapies, infrared sauna and more.  Amethyst’s Apothecary offers a  Medicinal Tea Bar, tinctures, oils, supplements and more.  Saturday evenings we are a place of prayer and worship from 6-8pm. We have a trained team that offers healing prayer, prophetic words, encouragement and dream interpretation. There are thousands of healing rooms in the market place all around the world; bringing them into a center for whole person healing only makes sense! We are here to truly meet physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Come and see if this is the community you have been looking for.