Five Day Frequency Healing Course
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Get the links or DVDs! Take time in your own home to digest all that Lindy unpacked during our live event. Give them away as a gift!

Hours of personal training packed full of powerfully transforming activations, tools and information that will bring life changing support to your daily life, shift family dynamics and enhance your business or ministry.

Lindy’s authentic and loving personality gently breaks down the walls of resistance that have kept Christians from God given resources for health and freedom. Life is Energy- Choose Life!

Frequency Healing Training
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Lymphatic Drainage Facial with Microcirculation Intro Offer $100 save $50
(First time clients only)

Nutrient Rich Skin is the immune system’s first line of defensive. Skincare is not a vanity issue it is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The epidermis is 25% of the immune system and has it’s own microbiome. More than 30% of our lymph nodes are in our face, neck and head. The lymphatic system is a fundamental part of proper detoxification and immune health. Besides these obvious reasons for incorporating facials into your health regime the skin can also reflect what is happening on the inside physically and emotionally, making it a good starting point for whole person healing.