What We Put ON Our Body Matters

Living whole and joyful is many small decisions that lead to vibrant life.  It is simplifying life for what really matters and nourishes our body, mind and spirit.  Relatively small decisions in our diets, our atmospheres, our thoughts and relationships have produced some significant results.

Most of us have made great strides in improving how we eat.  We read labels, do the majority of our grocery shopping in the outside isles.  We eat more greens and less sugar and this IS fantastic! What we eat matters! Some say, “We are what we eat.”

It is also said, “We are what we think about all day long.” Emotional and mental chatter can make a great impact on our physical health, our relationships and careers.  Carving out time for meditation, listening prayer and or gratitude journals help shift our mind-heart attitude. Has staying mindful of forgiveness, emotional healing and spiritual clearing become part of your healthy living protocols? This is possibly the most important decision of all.  These purposeful habits are improving the very fabric of our whole person; enabling us to return to health and joy. 

There are some other small decisions that I would like to bring up for consideration.  Can we go a little deeper; skin deep, in fact? Is what you’re putting on your skin making you sick? The skin is our largest organ absorbing everything that goes on it, passing it along through the bloodstream. Much of our clothing, beauty products and skin care contain hundreds of toxic chemicals.

In a recent newsletter I mentioned the importance of filtering the water that we shower and soak in.  Many of you have heard my spiel on the colors and fabrics we wear. Choosing organic natural fibers enables our skin to breathe and may even help the body heal. We spend hours every night in sleepwear and sheets while our body is trying to detox. Choosing natural fibers, organic and better yet linen could help detoxification and improve your sleep.  Back in our grandparents day fabrics and clothing were primarily natural, but times have changed and the toxins in our fabrics are hurting us.  Maybe to detox your closet and cosmetic bag sounds like a very big decision?  But this may be what has led you to toxic overload and is the culprit to hormonal imbalance, thyroid disorder, mood imbalance, gut issues and more. 

“You are what you eat, and what you put on your skin.” 
Dr. Howard Murad.

When I started on this journey 8 years ago. I began to think about everything that I was doing.  My daughter, Relissa, was a step ahead of us and had become very mindful of wearing only natural fibers and now I realized this is more than trend, this is health.  I changed my clothes, all of my sheets and towels to cotton, choosing organic when affordable. Recently I read a mind shifting article on linen and wool and immediately purchased linen sheets and expanded the linen in my wardrobe. (More on this later). 

While this vision was in its infancy I had a friend introduce me to Kari Gran’s products and the story of why she created her all organic line of cosmetics and skincare for her own health. And now began the journey; everything we put on our skin matters.  And bras… ladies?  With the increase in cancer is it possible that our intimate apparel has played a role?  So much to consider; so much to learn to return to whole and joyful. 
 What better way to learn than in community!

We have solutions for You!

I am very excited to introduce you to a few brilliant business owners who are all about what you put on your body. 
Saturday, November 4th 11am-2pm
Expand your mind, do some shopping, nourish your body, change your intimate apparel and socialize with other great women. 



Kari Gran is Coming to Joy Centers

At 29, Kari was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s Disease. Because of this, Kari started looking into everything from what she ate to what she put on her face. This led her to begin formulating products that fit her skincare needs.

Lisa had the big idea to turn Kari’s products into a business, seeing a need for women that wasn’t really being met in a way that felt authentic or truth-telling. Or, plainly put, calling BS on the beauty industry.

For 10 years, Kari Gran Skincare has been thriving in the world of clean skincare. The company is built around a small number of essential, oil-based products that they personally researched, developed, and tested. Kari and Lisa discovered that more is not better when it comes to skincare products. We only need a few simple steps each day to care for our skin.