Sometimes simply addressing the inner turmoil can settle the whole body. Just yesterday I had a client return and state with great delight that after one Emotional Healing session her neck and body pain had greatly reduced. It wasn’t the goal; it was a powerful residual gift. Inner pain and external pain are so often connected!

Emotional distress contributes to 75% of all disease
The human body is a finely interwoven system that is interdependent. The body consists of five core systems; the physical, the mental, the emotional, the social and the spiritual.  When one system is under attack the whole body suffers. Western medicine mindset, going after symptoms, does not work. Western medicine has its place but it has gravely fallen short in healing disease, often causing serious side-affects and a vicious cycle of chasing symptoms with more drugs. Symptoms are merely an aftershock generated from the real issue.  Although naturopathic medicine uses safer alternatives it has traditionally taken a similar approach often neglecting social, spiritual and emotional issues. Fragmented and symptomatic care that does not consider all interrelated aspects of the whole person cannot produce long term results.
Joy Centers Healing Association aspires to help our members heal from the inside out.  Helping you heal emotionally and spiritually is our priority, while offering evidence based alternatives to restore the physical body.