“It’s as easy as breathing.” Have you lost your breath?  Are you running so fast that you’re out of breath; jumping from one project or thought to the next until the whole day has been eaten up?  How about slicing off a piece for peace? It can be easy to get so caught up doing that we forget to breathe and enjoy life. Would you jump out of the race for a moment to catch your breath with me?

There is an art to creating space to be still and breathe deep. I’d like to challenge you to quiet the inner chatter and be mindful of you.  Settle into yourself a moment and ask; “Who am I right here right now?”, “Who do I want to be?”, “How do I feel?” How are you? Outside of all the “stuff”, all the responsibilities and impending projects; how are you? What is taking your breath away?

Be mindful of you. Feel your body; your muscles, your heart beat, the flow of energy moving through your body. Listen to your thoughts, your feelings and emotions and take a moment to assess which ones are really yours, which ones are not? Which ones do you want to keep or let go? You get to choose to hold onto what really matters and blow off the rest; release it, forgive and make space for breath. Holding in unprocessed emotions will wreak havoc on your health.  Is it worth sacrificing your health? Maybe you are finding it difficult to answer some of these questions because in the process you have not only lost your breath but you are having a hard time finding you as well. If you need help getting unstuck Emotional Healing Sessions can make a significant difference in just one or two sessions. Taking care of you is taking care of the ones you love. I invite you to be still a moment let go of the doing to just breathe and be.

“Take a breath”. This is a common way to say it but a simple rephrasing, “Receive your breath” shifts perspective to gratitude, recognizing that the breath of life is a gift; it is life.  Receive, draw it in with appreciation and joy for everything good around you, in you and accessible to you. Deep breathing, gratitude and positive thoughts are good medicine.  Together they cause a ripple effect of good vibrations that stimulate healing.  Studies have revealed that positive thoughts, gratitude, meditation and deep breathing do more than shift perspective they all have immune system strengthening benefits.

The breath of life is doing more than just keep you alive. Deep breathing increases energy; reduces inflammation and improves digestion. Breathing is a built in detoxification system; 70% of toxins are breathed out. Carbon dioxide and other toxins evacuate as you exhale.  Deep breathing assists the lymphatic system as well by helping move pathogens and toxins out of the body.

Be mindful of your breath. More than 50% of Americans are shallow breathers.  Shallow breathing triggers the “fight or flight” response that causes the adrenals to excrete cortisol.  When the adrenals are overactive fighting stress they overload the body with cortisol which begins to wreak havoc on the whole body. Deep breathing is an antidote to stress and anxiety.  Signaling a relaxed response from the parasympathetic nervous system and assisting in the balance of cortisol.

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Carve out time to meditate and breath it will literally transform your life. Our infrared sauna is a great place to start. Here are some tips to try in the sauna, at home, or even while commuting. Take a deep cleansing breath; inhale deep and exhale pushing your stomach out till you have emptied it all out of air. Count as you breathe in for a count of 6 then breathe out for 10 to 12 counts; try to always exhale for a longer count than what you inhale.  Try “Chedvah Breathing”: receive a deep breath to the count of 8, hold for 4 and exhale for a count of 6 and continue to let go and resonate for an additional 5.  Even just a few minutes of deep breathing a day can start making a difference. Try it for 1 minute, then 5 minutes until you get to 15 to 20 minutes a day. Think about one beautiful thing you want to transform; list the things you are thankful for or choose just one word like “love”, “joy”, “open”… “Receive” is one that I love to use and “Paniym” a Hebrew word meaning the face of God.  Breathe in, look up, let go, release, dream and most of all reconnect with you to just be!

Personally meditation with deep breathing has been one of the most transforming habits in my life.
Be Well,

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