Healing Power of Joy!

Joy gives good vibrations! When we experience moments of celebration and delight a burst of energy is released throughout our whole being; stirring the body, mind, spirit and emotions to wake up and live life. Joy is like helium; it cannot be weighed down, when we are filled with it we are lifted up above whatever might be trying to keep us down! Fear and doubt; huge contributors to illness, cannot co-exist with joy. Joy is an emotion powerfully infused to help ward off sickness and toxic thinking. King Solomon, known as the wisest king; reigning from 970-931 BC, is the one who said, “A joyful heart is good medicine”. This phrase literally means that joy causes good healing. Like sunshine, joy is resonating with healing vibrations.

We are part of a vibrant symphony, everything in us and around us is “singing”. All emotions carry measurable vibration. Both love and joy vibrate at the same high frequency of 528HZ. High frequencies have amazing ability to minister healing to our body, mind, spirit and emotions. This particular frequency has been studied extensively and is believed by some researchers to actually repair DNA. Negative thinking resonates at an unhealthy low vibration contributing to dis-ease. Joy gives energy while negative thoughts will deplete us. Using frequencies to heal dates back to the earliest documents in ancient medicine. In the 60’s there was a resurgence of vibrational healing and an awakening is emerging again with more science to back it up. Good vibrations equal good medicine.

Joy supplies even more restorative properties; it reduces pain and increases dis-ease fighting antibodies. Smiling and laughter have been found to lower blood pressure; strengthen the immune system and produce “feel good” endorphins. Smiling increases productivity and expands our ability to focus. Our bodies are so beautifully designed to heal themselves when given the right environment. Sometimes all we need is a good laugh. After a good laugh the body relaxes returning us to homeostasis. Smiling and laughter open the door to joy. Find the person smiling or be the one who causes someone else to smile.

The more we can tune ourselves in to a joyful state; the more resonant our bodies will become. Worries don’t hang out in an atmosphere of joy.

Choosing an attitude of gratitude is empowering. Our thoughts play a vital role in the healing process. Fortunately, we can change our mind and train our brain. Positive thoughts help to decrease pain and chronic dis-ease. Positive thoughts wake up our brain to problem solve and not to buckle up under trials. In the atmosphere of courage and faith endorphins increase, stress is reduced and the immune system is strengthened. Motivation to take action in the healing process signals our body to cooperate and begin to restore. Joy is a choice. We will always find what we are looking for. Find the good, there is always something good. This does not mean that we are in denial of what is going on around us; it means that we do not choose to let it define us. Choosing not to allow bad news to rule the heart. We may not have a choice in our particular circumstance but we do have the ability to choose to nurture our mind and our body with what is good and restorative.

One of the meanings of joy is calm delight. True joy comes from within; it comes from a quiet confidence. Our most natural state is to be in relationship with God; this is the “path of least
resistance”. He is our breath; returning to Him is returning to our breath, our very sustenance. When we turn to Him, He gives us beauty, not shame. He gives us the oil of joy for our mourning and a garment of praise to lift off heaviness. He is our homeostasis. “This is what the sovereign Lord, the God of Israel says, ‘In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and trust is your strength’.” Isaiah 30:15. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

The healing vibe of joy is available all around us; if we tune in we will find it. Receive it’s vibrant, regenerating power. It is in music, in nature, in people, in our thoughts, our dreams; our artistic expressions. Colors carry healing vibrations waiting to be absorbed. Yellow and orange lift our spirits. Joy is shining like the sun searching for the one who will reflect it. Shine; joy is contagious! It awakens the dreamers, casting off a spirit of slumber and stirs one into motion. It calls forth faith and courage to fully engage in life. When joy comes everything changes; choose joy! If all else fails, laugh; laughter makes everyone feel better.