Stories within Stories

Richelle Walker



This has been the most amazing journey!  There are so many stories within stories that lay the foundation of the Joy Centers.  Let me start by saying that all the glory for this beautiful story goes to the greatest adventure writer Himself; God.  One of the things I love most about my discovery of God is that He is the Great Mysterion who loves to add mystery and surprises to our story. Some of you have heard many of the stories, witnessed miracles and celebrated so many fun confirmations along the way.   Just breaking into this dream has brought much joy to so many. To tell all the interwoven mysteries we would have to write a book.

Where do I begin?  Even to tell you when the dream started wouldn’t be accurate.  When did the story start really?  I have so many times of spiraling backwards and forward as my life intersects with this dream that I myself don’t even know where it started.  Maybe I have tapped into something so compatible with my destiny that it IS a golden thread that’s been running through the book of my life for longer than I ever had a clue?

August 2014 is the marker for a download that spilled out of heaven into my heart and mind leading me to embark on research and discoveries that lay at the core of this vision.  I had gone to Redding, CA to seek direction for my life.  I was certainly not expecting what I came home with.  As I soaked in gratitude and stillness after receiving another layer of emotional healing from the “Sozo” team at Bethel Church, words and ideas began to spill out of heaven.  They were coming so fast that I literally said out loud, “Hold on, I need to get a pen and paper!”  I knew that I was being given keys that I needed to pay attention to.  You see I am a research addict (never to recover!) and a veracious truth seeker that has grown highly suspect of my own ideas as I have led myself down some pretty hard paths; if anything comes to me that sounds like my own idea I am unlikely to follow it.  Often the way that God talks to me is by throwing out words or concepts that I do not know or normally use knowing that it will set me in motion to research and unfold mysteries.  Well that is what happened to me that afternoon.  Some of the words that I heard like infrared, quantum physics, hyperbaric chamber and frequency, to name a few, I had no clue about, in fact I thought that quantum physics was just a term in physics that you might learn in high school.  This day set me on an inquisitive journey to question everything and that questioning has led to some of the most fun and powerful science driven answers.  Joy Centers is going to keep on telling those stories as you and others come in and experience the powerful healing properties of these and so much more.

But like I said this story started long before so let me take you back to February of 2013.  Again I was in Redding at a conference.  Sometimes just getting around other dreamers and a faith filled atmosphere provides the seed bed for your own dreams to crack open.  At this conference I had a quick “vision” of a little yellow house and some packing boxes and I felt drop into my mind or heart wherever it is that these things we hear or know, but not audibly, land; “Start packing and prepare to move.”  I got home and I started a little purging and packed a couple boxes as an act of faith that I really had heard God and I started to look for my little yellow house.  Fast forward a year later.  One day I suddenly realize that every time I talk about these healing centers I have been subconsciously envisioning a yellow house.   Ah ha? Was the “yellow house” actually the Joy Center and not a personal residence at all?  Well, my house is full of boxes right now as I write this on April 26th, 2018.  I am preparing to move into the little yellow house that sits next to the Joy Center on the same property and yes I will live there!

I lived in Snohomish with my dad when I was in ninth grade.  We lived in Vista La Grand and I attended Snohomish Junior High which is now the beautiful salt water aquatic center.  That year my dad purchased a Christian bookstore at 310 Pine Ave in Snohomish named the Open Door Bookstore.  At the age of 14, the Open Door bookstore became my first real job. Shortly after a little yellow house on Second Street needed to be moved or torn down for new construction to go in.  My dad bought the house and moved it onto the bookstore property.   After a couple of years he sold the property and its name changed to Christian Armory.  Well, long story short, over 30 years later my dad bought back the property for the Joy Centers to lease to own.  The very property where I had my first job is now the launching pad for my last job and career of my life. Often prophetic people come up with names for a new year that seems to line up with seasons and prophesy.  Do you know what this year is being called?  The year of the Open Door!  In the year of the “Open Door” we will open the doors for the Joy Centers at what was once the Open Door bookstore.  How is that for a story; right?

These are only a few of the stories that have been woven into the layers of this beautiful dream.  Too many stories to tell right now, but you will be able to come to 310 Pine Avenue in Snohomish this summer and I would love to tell you more over a cup of “Awaken” tea or maybe you would rather have an iced “Stress-less” or a great local organic Kombucha?  Join us on this amazing, fun journey.  Let’s add you to our stories.